materiales con carta de colores
We are here to help you achieve the perfect design for your project - from seamless bathroom walls & floors, walls in your livingroom, stairways and exteriors to restaurant floors or shop fittings. Suitable for both residential and commercial projects.


Here are samples of our application techniques which can be finished with Matt, Satin or Glossy varnish


You can choose from any color in our color chart or make custom blends. It is possible to create unique and personalized environments

Resistone Color Chart

colores 6

Nature Color Chart


Resistone colours include a color selection in our standard color chart with a variety of natural elegant colors. Diferent tones with ligther colors offer higher luminosity while medium and dark colors are eyecatching with a strong personality.

  • Muted/gray colors
  • Cold gray: Nacar, Plata, Hierro
  • Warm gray: Perla, Piedra, Acero, Pizarra
  • Earth colors: Caliza, Crema, Tierra, Quarzo, Turba
  • Grenish gray: Olivo, Cemento, Musgo


Look forward to natural, elegant, earthy, sandy (amongst many others) colours. Available in smooth, solid, smoked or burnt textures. Choose brightness and contrast effects… the options are endless. Choose a product tailor-made to your project.