Microcement is a basic tool for interior designers, architects and a trend in decoration.

Creates unique spaces, continuous cover without visual breaks. Subtle textures and gentle natural looking marbling, also reminiscent of cement.

It is applicable on bathrooms, showers, floors, walls, furniture, living rooms, kitchen benches and splashbacks, bedrooms and stairs, and in exterior floors, in pools or facades. Perfect for both Residential and Commercial projects.

Microcement systems are applied with a thickness of about 2-3 mm on almost any surface: cement, tiles, plaster, gib, villa board, etc 



The elasticity of the base materials and the treatment of existing cracking in the substrate, allows us to achieve the maximum reliability in order to prevent movements of the base on which the microcement is applied from transferring. The system is composed of highly elastic materials in the lower layers to avoid cracking and harder m,aterials in the upper layers to achieve higher resistance.


The low liquid absorption of the mortars and the impermeability of the finishing varnishes, allows its use on wet areas. Even more, Resistone® due to its low absorption resists even interior humidities. Resistone Aqua is the version developed for pools and exterior floors, it is totally waterproof even before the sealing layers are added.



The intense effort in research and product development have allowed us to achieve greater resistance in continuous pavements. The base, intermediate, and finish layers and sealing were studied to achieve the maximum compression and scratch resistance.